Easy Tips for Decor Part 2: Low-Cost Finds

I really like finding different decor pieces and bringing them together to create a scene. The scene you will see pictured throughout this post looks like it tells a story. What is that story? It’s whatever I want it to be. You can do the same with your decor scenes. However, if you’re shopping on a budget then putting together a vignette can seem challenging, and even a little daunting. In this current time and economic climate (inflation stinks) you might question whether to buy some new decor items. I’m going to share some low-cost finds, where you can shop to get them, and what you should do when you find a decor item you like. Keep reading for these tips! 

Low-Cost Finds (as pictured) 

The matching decor items in these pictures came from three different places. I’ll share the shops at a later time in this post, but first I want to share the prices. This full vignette cost under $75. I’m sharing the original prices, sale prices, and final prices with or without additional discounts.

  • Galvanized Metal & Wood Tray – $21.99/$16.50/$12.37
  • Blessed Block – $ 6.99/$5.24/$3.93
  • Metal & Wood Table Mirror – $21.99/ $16.50/$12.37
  • 5in Wood Base Globe – $12 
  • Paper Fan – $5 
  • 2 Beaded Necklaces – $20/$18
  • Beaded Bracelet – $5 

Total Cost: $71 (rounded) plus tax on some items 

Where to Shop for Low-Cost Decor 

I suggest three types of places where you can usually find decor for cheap: 

  • Warehouse/Seasonal Retailers 
  • Overstock Retailers 
  • Flea Markets

The first three items on the list (tray, block, and mirror) came from At Home. Shop at similar stores that are filled with warehouse-like items for decent prices and a lot of seasonal decors. There is always something on clearance all year. Next, the globe came from Big Lots. Shop at retailers that are filled with overstock items. Those are great places for simple decor items that are always decently priced. Finally, the last four items (2 necklaces, bracelet, and fan) came from a flea market stall. Flea markets can be great for finding unique, vintage, or off the cuff items for which you can bargain. 

How To Get Decor on a Budget 

There are four ways that I suggest you get decor items for cheap. 

  • Sale/Clearance Purchases 
  • Coupons 
  • Ask for discount at checkout
  • Free, Free, Free

First, wait until the items you want are on sale. If you have your eye on a decor item, but the price is too high, let it sit for a while. Learn to patiently watch and wait until the item you want is on sale or clearance. Who cares how many times you go to the store just to check on the price of a specific item? If you can wait until the original price decreases then do so. Second, subscribe to email and/or text lists for coupons. Almost every store in this age and time offers free memberships. You can barely step outside your house without having to subscribe to some type of service, program, etc. Why not use it to your advantage and join the list for coupons to your favorite decor stores. Then, use your coupons to purchase decor at discounted prices. 

Third, always ask for a discount at the register. It doesn’t hurt to ask, but it can hurt to miss the opportunity. When you are checking out at the register ask the cashier if there are any additional discounts they can give you on specific items. You can definitely ask if you notice the item was the last on the shelf or the item is not as described and has minor damage. Finally, if you see something for free, don’t hesitate to accept it if you like it. Whenever you can get decor for free, don’t let your pride get in the way. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. It’s a blessing in disguise to get something for free. 

Following some of these tips will help you to create beautiful decor vignettes on a budget. Once you have your pieces, style away to your heart’s content! Share your tips in the comments below.


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