Easy Tips for Decor Part 1: Simple Styling

I like to style and change up my space every once in a while. However, I’m usually working with a small space and a limited budget. With those two conditions in mind, I often look for ways to create simple decor styles. Here are a few tips you can use to do the same.


On a large desk or table an empty back corner can feel too empty and awkward sometimes. It can be difficult to add in decor or use up the space at the edge of a surface. You don’t want to pile stuff up in the corner, but you don’t want to leave it completely barren. I suggest a form of tabletop lighting. A light that is the right size for the space can be both functional and beautiful for a back corner.

Book Stacks 

Occasionally you might have a centerpiece item, such as a bowl, vase or a small but significant item. When you place the centerpiece on the table, it might look a little lonely, but you can combat that loneliness. Book stacks are a great way to layer, highlight, and elevate (literally) your centerpieces. Choose books with complimenting covers, and layer them about 2 – 3 books high. Then you can place your centerpiece, like a vase, right on top.

Tabletop Cutout Signs 

You can find some really nice tabletop cutout signs full of platitudes in almost any home decor store. Using a simple sign with a beautiful message can bring so much positivity and inspiration to your space. “Love” is a common and sometimes overrated word, but it looks good as home decor. Use tabletop cutout signs as a way to enhance your space.

Share your tips in the comments!


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