Family Friendly Winter Break Activities

Are you excited to just rest for winter break? It’s a whole week with nothing to do but relax! However, if you’re looking for things to do or activities to keep your family entertained, then check out these family friendly activities for Winter Break. 

Holiday Baking 

Holiday baking is a really fun activity. Spend some time creating delicious treats and having tons of laughs with your family. Teach the younger family members how to make their favorite delights. Then you can all enjoy their hard work with some tasty food and a lot of fun. 

Hot Cocoa Decorating 

Hot Cocoa is a popular Winter and holiday drink, especially for those with a sweet tooth. Gather some supplies for a Hot Cocoa Decorating Night. Choose different candies and toppings to add to the Hot Cocoa. Gather around the table and spend some time decorating your drinks. This will bring a lot of laughs and wonder to your home. 

Game Day 

I always suggest a game day or night for any family friendly activities, all year round. You could have a traditional game night at home, where you all gather around with board games. Or you could take your family to an indoor arcade and amusement park for Winter Break. I know my family likes to go to places such as Dave & Busters or Iplay America. Spend some time just letting loose and playing to your heart’s content. 

I hope you like these Winter Break Activities! 


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