How-To Make a Santa Clause Candy Jar

Let’s get into the Christmas Spirit with some easy crafts. If you’re looking to create a fun DIY for decor or to give a personalized gift, then check out this Santa Candy Jar. 


  • Glass Jar (milk bottle, mason jar) 
  • Red Paint 
  • Black Paint 
  • 3 Small Buttons 
  • Can Pull Tab 
  • Gold Glitter 
  • White Fabric 
  • Hot Glue and Gun/Super Glue 
  • Scissors 
  • Clear Spray Paint, optional 
  • Candy 


  1. Remove any labels from the milk bottle and hand wash/dry it. 
  2. Paint the milk bottle red and let it dry. Add 2 – 3 additional coats of red paint until you get full coverage. 
  3. Paint a thick black stripe around the middle or lower half of the bottle. Again, let it dry and add as many coats of paint as needed to achieve full coverage. 
  4. Paint the Pull tab and the buttons black. 
  5. Sprinkle gold glitter onto the pull tab before it dries. 
  6. Hot Glue or Super glue the pull tab to the middle of the black stripe. Glue down the buttons in a single column to the top half of the jar. Spray a clear topcoat of spray paint on the jar for a glossy finish.
  7. Wrap the white fabric around the opening of the jar and measure out how much fabric you will need. 
  8. Cut the fabric to size and glue it around the opening of the jar. Make sure to glue the back of the fabric closed at the place where it overlaps. 
  9. Fill the jar with holiday candy. 
  10. Finally, tuck the excess fabric into the opening of the jar to act as a lid. Enjoy! 

TIP: You can fill this jar with candy and give it as the perfect holiday treat. It even supplements Hot Cocoa gifts when filled with mints.


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