Tips to Create a DIY Craft Village for Beginners

If you’ve ever seen a craft village video on YouTube or Facebook Watch, then you know how awesome they can be. I often think about creating some sort of village of my own from DIY crafts. It’s tough to know where to start or how to start, but I have some tips that I’ll be following to make my own village. I’m sharing so hopefully you can too. 

#1: Pick a Theme 

The first tip I think will be useful is to pick a theme for your village. If you have an interest in “Candy Land”, jungle animals, or “suburbia” then use it as a starting point for your village. I am slightly interested in farm living, so I will be making a farm village, hopefully. 

#2: Brainstorm Ideas 

Before you start crafting your village do some brainstorming. Think up different ideas about your village, such as the size, the characters, and other components that form your themed village. In my farm village, I want to create small vignettes that will lead to a large farm when put together. I thought of different animals, tools, and homes that would be on a farm. 

#3: Decide on How to Form Your Village 

Will you make every piece of your village by hand? Are there going to be some parts that are completely store-bought and ready to use? Or will your village be completely composed of premade items? Ideally, as a beginner crafter I think it would be nice to create my farm from DIYs – hand-painted or repurposed items from the store and around the house. 

#4: Start Small 

Start small no matter what size your village will be. Don’t go straight for an elaborate and challenging village right away. Work up to building your village by starting with small vignettes or working on certain parts of your village one at a time. Build up to the full scene. I have already created two small vignettes for my farm village. First, I worked on a “chicken coop” vignette. Second, I created a horse paddock for my next vignette. I was browsing at one of the local dollar stores in my area one day, and I saw a bunch of wood craft pieces. I knew that I could use those to create my village. Check out your local dollar stores to see what you can find for your village. 

#5: Have Fun 

As you are working on your village, don’t forget to have fun. Take some time to appreciate each part that you complete and give yourself props for working up to something. Enjoy the time you spend creating your village. 

I hope to share more of my craft vignettes as my farm village progresses. If you have any tips don’t be afraid to share them in the comments.


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