DIY How-To with Dollar Store Finds

If you’re looking to get into DIY projects, then I suggest you start with simple crafts. Most of us have done DIY crafts as children, whether in art class since preschool or at home with our parents. Something as simple as drawing, painting, and gluing different items can turn into a beautiful DIY project. Recently, I made a mini farm scene using items from a local dollar store. I’m sharing just how you can do the same. I created a farm scene, but you can create anything you like. Check out this simple DIY with dollar store items. 


  • Wood Cutouts 
  • Paint 
  • Paint Brushes 
  • Hot Glue Gun 
  • Hot Glue 

Browse the Craft Section for Wood Cutouts 

First, head to your local dollar store and browse the craft section. You never know what you will find in a craft section at the dollar store. Most dollar stores will have various small items designed for DIY crafts. If you can find wood cutouts, then choose the ones you like the most. At my local dollar store, I saw cutouts in the shapes of chickens, birds, flowers, branches and more. 

Paint to Your Heart’s Content 

After you have gathered the cutouts and any supplies you will need, it is time to start painting. Take a look at your pieces, and before you paint them any color, try to identify what type of look you are hoping to achieve. Do you want to paint the items in traditional colors, or do you want to challenge yourself? Once you have decided, work on painting all of your wood pieces. In my farm scene craft I wanted a traditional look, so I painted each piece without embellishments. 

Set the Scene 

Finally, after painting your cutouts you can glue them together to create a scene. If you want to create a model, then glue together your wood pieces onto a base. Make sure to keep the pieces vertical, and do not lay them flat. Play around with the positioning of your cutouts until the desired look is achieved. When you are done, appreciate your simple DIY craft. 

You did it! You created a simple DIY craft with dollar store finds. I hope this inspires and helps you to do a craft. Once you start, make sure to keep going until you gain the confidence to try more challenging pieces. 


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