No “Trick or Treating” Halloween Activities

Not every family goes trick-or-treating on Halloween, even if they do celebrate. Or, maybe your family will go trick-or-treating this year, but since it’s a school night you might not stay out too late. In any case, here are a few activities your family can do on Halloween night to celebrate and spend time together. 

Jack-o-Lantern Stenciling or Carving 

This is a timeless Halloween tradition for many. Carving pumpkins can be fun, silly, and competitive. It can also have a dual purpose when you use the seeds to bake yourself a treat. If you have younger children, and carving pumpkins is not for you then try jack-o-lantern stenciling. Grab some paints, pumpkin stencils, and wood boards or canvas for this fun Halloween DIY. 

Glowing Hands Craft Games – Two Ways 

Glowing Hands Scavenger Hunt


  • Large Rubber Gloves, white or transparent 
  • Q-tips or Cotton balls
  • Mini LED tea lights 
  • Markers


Stuff the q-tips or cotton balls into the fingers of the rubber gloves. Leave room in the palms to place 2 – 3  mini LED lights inside. Tie off the ends of the gloves. Have each family member make 2 – 3 glowing hands and write their name on the gloves. Then have each person hide their gloves around the house. Turn the lights down low or off, and search for the glowing hands belonging to other family members. Whoever has the most after 5 – 10 minutes gets bragging rights! 

Glowing Hands Hide-and-Seek/Tag


  • Large Rubber Gloves, white or transparent 
  • Q-tips or Cotton balls 
  • LED string lights, solid or blinking 


Each person needs two gloves. Line the inside of your gloves with string lights. Make sure you can fit your hand in the glove with the string lights. *Tip – put the battery pack into the palm of the glove, under your hand. Next, turn out the lights in the house and have each family member hide. One designated player will count to 10, then each member of the family can hide or seek out the others and tag them out when they find them. *BONUS: Play this game outside in your backyard for more space and an extra challenge. 

Board Game Night 

Board games are a classic and truly fun way to spend any night, especially during the holidays. I will always recommend game nights as a fun activity for most occasions. All you need is a minimum of 2 people, playing cards, board games, or even video games. Sit together and play any game of your choosing while munching on some Halloween candy. This can easily make for an exciting Halloween night. 

Have you ever done these activities? If you’ve ever tried these activities or you will try them out on Halloween night, let me know in the comments. I hope you like these suggestions, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


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