How-To DIY Halloween Crafts

It’s Spooky Season, and the big day is almost here. If you’re looking for some quick at-home activities to do this weekend, then keep reading. I’m sharing a few easy DIY Halloween crafts that I used to decorate my house for Halloween. I hope you like them! 

Witch’s Broomsticks 


  • Long Metal Sticks or Brackets (similar to those for over-the-door mirrors) 
  • Thick brown rope – natural/rough texture
  • Thin brown rope or string 
  • Scissors 
  • Internet Access/ printer 
  • Wood Block 
  • Glue/Tape 


First, find a broomstick sign that you like on Google and print it out. Cut the sign to size and glue or tape it to your wooden block. Next, use your thick brown rope to cover the metal bracket by wrapping the rope around it from top to bottom. Make sure all of the bracket is covered and tie off the rope. Then, coil the thick natural rope and your thin brown string together using your arm as a placeholder. Gather the coiled rope and place the wrapped metal bracket in the middle of it. Tie the coiled rope around your metal bracket with brown string. Finally, cut off the ends of the coiled rope to create a frayed broomstick look. HAPPY FLYING WITCHES!

Mini Witch’s Cauldron 


  • Mini basket or bucket, round 
  • Black fabric square, measure according to basket size with extra fabric to line inside and outside the whole basket
  • 3 Mini LED tea lights, yellow/red flame 
  • Cotton Balls 
  • Hot Glue Gun*, see alternate for kids
  • Glitter Glue Sticks*, Green, see alternate for kids
  • *Alternate: Green glitter glue, liquid (Elmers, Crayola, Etc) 
  • Thin black headband 
  • Scissors 


First, lay out the black fabric and place your basket on top in the center. Second, wrap the fabric up the sides of the basket. Tuck the excess fabric inside the basket and glue to the bottom. Next, place 3 led lights in the basket and set aside. Then, gather a handful or two of cotton balls and glue them together using the glitter glue, making sure to get a good amount of glitter glue on top of the cotton balls pile. Once dry, place the cotton balls on top of the tea lights in the basket. Finally, cut your black headband apart to make one strip and glue each side to the sides of your cauldron. IT’S TIME TO BREW SOME POTIONS! 

Gory “I Put a Spell on You” Blood Drip Sign (not for kids) 


  • Wooden Block 
  • Paint – black, red, brown 
  • Paint Brushes 
  • Paper towels 
  • Scrabble Letters 
  • Craft Glue 
  • Mini Vase 
  • Stemmed flower 


First, paint your wooden block and the stem of your flower black. While they are drying, pick out your scrabble letters to spell “I put a spell on you”. Next, dip your flower in red paint and put it aside to dry. Glue your scrabble letters onto your wooden block and lay it flat so the letters don’t shift while adhering. Next, paint the scrabble letters with a mix of brown and red paint, then smear and smudge the paint with a paper towel to get a dingy look, but make sure you can still read the letters. Then pour red paint down the sides and top of the wood block to look like blood drops. Finally, place your flower in a mini vase and put it behind your sign so it looks like spilt blood. It’s a dark craft, but NOW YOU’RE MINE! 

Hocus Pocus Signage 


  • Internet Access/ printer 
  • Picture frame 
  • Craft paper flowers 
  • Ceramic tray/dish, round 
  • Craft Glue 


First, search Google for a map of Salem and print it out. Next, cut the image to size and place it in the picture frame. Then, take the craft flowers and glue them to the ceramic trays. Finally, place the picture in a welcoming spit and put the flower trays in front of it. *Bonus: use old or vintage scrapbook paper to print your sign instead of white printer paper. WELCOME TO SALEM! 

Whether you create crafts that are spooky, creepy, or witch-like I hope you are enjoying October and all that Fall brings. Happy Halloween my friends!


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