Easter Scavenger Hunt 2022

One thing I really like to do is plan scavenger hunts. I have planned a scavenger hunt for Easter since 2020, and I wanted to continue to do so this year. I’m sharing how I planned the Easter Scavenger Hunt of 2022, and hopefully you’ll get some tips for your own future scavenger hunts. Don’t forget: He has Risen. He has Risen, indeed! 

I started planning this scavenger hunt by collecting items I already had at home, such as paper towel rolls and toilet paper forms. I knew that I wanted to focus on bunnies this year. In 2020, my Easter Scavenger hunt focused on miscellaneous rhymes that led my family around the house. In 2021, the scavenger hunt focused on Biblical clues. This year, I sent my family on a bunny scavenger hunt by playing games. I spent a week, or three, creating clues and putting together some homemade decorations. 

Clue #1: The Bunny Trail 

“Have you seen the Easter Bunny? It’s time to find him/her. One foot, two feet, three feet, a hand; it’s time to find out just how you’ll land. You can start your search by following the Bunny’s Trail. Walk the path to find your next clue. But wait, you must hop like a bunny would do.” I set up a bunny trail by printing out handprints and footprints for my family to follow. The trail led inside the house, and they searched for their next clue in the front hallway. 

Clue #2: The Carrot Garden 

“It’s time to dig for carrots. Head over to the garden and get to work. In order to weed through the garden, you must flip the cup right side up. Keep going until you find your next clue.” I set up a Candy flip cup game in the middle of my living room. Each person had a cup with their name written on it, and they had to flip the cup. If the cup landed right-side up, they were able to choose a random cup from the carrot garden. Under each cup in the carrot garden there were clues and candy. They kept flipping cups until they found the next clue. 

Clue #3: Pin the Face on the Bunny 

“You’re getting closer to finding the Easter Bunny. Do you know what he/she looks like? Put your skills to the test and give it your best guess. Can you recreate the Easter Bunny’s face by putting the pieces together with haste? You have 20 seconds to put your bunny together from behind the divide. You can use your hands but not your eyes!” This game was hilarious! I set up boards for each player along with bags that had pieces of a bunny’s face and blindfolds. Each player had to create the bunny’s face while blind. I highly suggest doing a similar task and making it your own whenever you create a scavenger hunt or game night. 

Clue #4: Burrowing Bunny Bowl 

“The Easter Bunny knows you’re on the prowl. To hide from predators, such as you, he has burrowed a hole. If you want to pin your target in, then it’s time for you to bowl! Grab your eggs and see if you can hit your target.” I created a bowling game with easter eggs and a cardboard bunny box. I set up a little bowling lane, and each player needed to get their eggs into the bunny’s mouth. This was more challenging than it looked, and they all had to bowl multiple times before getting their next clue. 

Clue #5: The Bunny Hunt 

“The Easter Bunny may have gotten away, but he/she left behind baby hares. Head to the back to hunt some leverets. You must find the baby bunnies to complete your challenge, but only take your share.” Finally, I set up a small bunny hunt in lieu of an egg hunt. I created Easter bunnies out of toilet paper forms and hid them in the grass. Each player had to collect all of the bunnies with their names on them. 

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You have completed the Easter Bunny Scavenger Hunt of 2022. Time to enjoy some delicious treats. You’ve done well! 

Everyone had so much fun, and I hope that you all have enjoyed this post. Hopefully you will be inspired to do something similar in the future. 



6 thoughts on “Easter Scavenger Hunt 2022

  1. Impressive!!! You’re very crafty and your creativity made your event very engaging! I hardly ever hear about Easter Egg hunts now like I used to when I was a kid…Nice👌


    1. Hey! Thanks so much for commenting. I’m glad you liked this. I used to love Easter Scavenger Hunts from my childhood, and I’m so happy to keep the traditions alive. I hope this inspires you to do the same.

      Best wishes,


      1. Hey there!

        Thanks for checking in. I am staying cozy this fall, and I’ll actually be sharing some cozy comforts on the blog this fall in the form of recipes. Make sure to check them out. I hope you are staying warm, safe, and living your best life!

        Thanks so much,
        Damiera Wilson


      2. No prob 👍 I am glad everything is fine along with staying cozy! I am staying cozy and staying well myself…thank you! And that sounds interesting regarding the blog…will check it out! Continue to stay cozy 😊

        Liked by 1 person

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