3 Rainy Day Activities

Spring may have sprung, but rainy days are ahead. Unfortunately, you cannot fight the April showers that are set to arrive. However, when you are at home on a rainy day, there are some activities you can enjoy. Read the tips below to turn 3 activities from ordinary to extraordinary on rainy days. 

Tip #1: At Home Movie Theater

Movie marathons are common at home activities when you are in the house all day. To turn this ordinary activity into an extraordinary one, you can create your own home movie theater, if you don’t have a theater room. Instead of lounging in bed or on the couch, take your throw blankets and pillows and create a comfortable nest near the television. Gather some snacks and drinks and set up a nice tray that’s within reach. Then, turn down the lights and close the blinds, light some candles, and enjoy your movies. Don’t forget to put your phone on “silent”! 

Tip #2: Master Chef 

When you’re in the house on a rainy day it can be an easy choice to order takeout or quickly whip up your go-to meals. However, you can turn cooking and/or baking into an extraordinary activity by trying something new. Dig up the recipe book that you never use and learn to make something different and unexpected. Or try changing up a recipe that you always use and experiment a little. Put on some music, gather your supplies, and get to work in the kitchen. When you’re done, set up the dining room table, use your best dinnerware, and serve up your treat to the family while making it seem like a special occasion. 

Tip #3: Competition, Competition, Competition 

Rainy days often result in playing games inside the house. As a child, we played board games, but the current social climate calls for videogames and social media activities. Turn these everyday activities into an extraordinary rainy-day activity by fostering some friendly competition with your housemates. Whether you use board games or video games, you can play against each other, but keep it friendly. Set up some snacks and gather everyone in the family room for game time! Come up with a few challenge categories for everyone to compete in while playing the games, and each winner will get a prize. For example, while playing a racing video game, whoever wins with the fastest time will get a prize. If you’re playing a board game, such as Scrabble, then whoever accumulates the most points will win a prize. You can turn a game day into an extraordinary activity by further challenging the players and giving them an incentive. It’s sure to be a fun and memorable day! 

Extra Tip: A fun game that I like to play with my niece is a geography challenge game. I have an interest in Geography, and when I hang out with my niece I usually try to share my interests with her. She loves a challenge, and so I turned my interest into a game for her to play. We gather my maps, globes, etc., and challenge each other to find certain places all over the world in one of two ways. 

First, we give the other player a starting point, and then tell them to head NSEW until they reach a certain point where they have to guess the country located at the stopping point. For example, start in Colombia, head north until you reach Canada, then go East across the Atlantic, and stop in  Lisbon. What country are you in? Answer: Spain! Second, we give the other player the name of a random city or country and they have to search the globe until they identify which country, continent, etc. the place is located. For example, find the city of Addis Ababa. What country is it in? What continent is it on? Is it a capital city? Answer: Addis Ababa (city) is the capital city of Ethiopia (country), and it is located in Africa (continent). My niece really likes this game, and she’s learning geography at the same time. This game is perfect for a rainy day!

I hope these tips will help you on the next rainy day this season. When you are lounging in the house the next time it rains, and you don’t know what to do, try to turn ordinary activities into extraordinary ones by changing things up and doing the unexpected. Add some spice to your rainy days!


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