How-To Create a Mini Gift Basket for Animators and Gamers

My brother’s birthday passed at the beginning of March, and I decided to give him a gift basket. He is really into learning computer animation, and he loves to play video games. With those things in mind, I knew that a small, but thoughtful gift was the way to go. You can make a simple gift basket for anyone interested in animation and/or gaming by using the tips below. 

Tip #1: Necessities 

People who are interested in computer animation and/or gaming will always work with various electronics. Those electronics come with many different parts and pieces that break down from vigorous use (wear and tear) or are constantly being updated. When creating a gift basket for animators and gamers, the first item you want to put in the basket is an item or electronic component they will need and will definitely use. Find a practical and necessary item that is needed for their electronic tools. For example, my brother needed a new VGA computer cord, so I bought him one and put it in the gift basket. Without the VGA cord, or even an hdmi cord, he wouldn’t be able to hook his monitor up to the tower. 

Tip #2: Items of Convenience 

The second item you can put into a gift basket for animators and gamers is an item of convenience. This item can be something that helps them, but they don’t need it to function. For example, I also put a mini stand for a drawing pad/tablet in my brother’s gift basket. He has a drawing pad that he can hook up to his computer or tablet, but he didn’t have anything to hold the drawing pad up. Without the stand, he would have needed to lay the pad flat or hold it in his hands. The stand that I bought for him will allow him to place the drawing put into various positions whenever he wants. He did not need this item to use his animation tools, but it does make some things easier for him. It is an item of convenience. You can put many items of convenience into the gift basket, such as gaming controller covers, headphones and microphones, various computer stylus’, etc. 

Tip #3: Snacks 

Animators and gamers work hard and play hard. Something that will be useful in a gift basket for them is a snack item. It’s also just a nice and thoughtful touch. Most people tend to get very absorbed in their electronics, and time seems to pass by very fast. Before they know it, they are hungry or tired, and they haven’t stopped for a food break. Including snacks in the gift basket is a great way to make sure that the recipient is fueling up while working or playing. My brother likes Cheetos, and he loves Reese’s Sticks, so I made sure to include those snacks in his gift basket. Find out what the recipient of your basket likes and add those snack items in. 

Tip #4: Decorations 

You can choose whatever type of basket and decorations you think will work well, as long as the basket can hold all of the items you plan to use. Decorations are optional. Sometimes, the basket itself is enough, and sometimes you might want to just add in one final touch. My brother likes things to be simple, and he doesn’t like a lot of attention. I knew he wouldn’t care about the type of basket so much as what was inside the basket. I used a basket that I already had, and I just added a picture of a trophy with the words “You Win” because it was an extra touch that I thought went well with the theme. I also made a decorative banner that I hung outside his room to match the theme. You can do the same, or you can keep it simple and wrap the basket in a cellophane bag. The choice is yours! 

If you’re used to making gift baskets, then comment below with some tips you’d like to share!


3 thoughts on “How-To Create a Mini Gift Basket for Animators and Gamers

    1. Hi there,

      I absolutely agree! I’m glad you see that. Animation and Gaming are important work and social aspects to many different cultures now, and something like this type of gift basket would probably be much appreciated. Thanks so much for commenting.

      Best wishes,


      1. I agree it is…I just played the new Playstation and it just felt good to play some form of video games after not playing in so many years lol…I felt like a kid again 😂 that basket comes in handy!


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