Did You Make A New Year’s Resolution?

As a kid, I can remember the excitement of going into a New Year and wanting things to be completely different. You build up so much expectation and wishful thinking that when the clock strikes 12 everything will have changed. Even as an adult, I see a lot of other adults still expecting immediate change when the year ends and a new one begins. Does the phrase, “new year, new me” ring a bell? 

As an adult, hopefully you have learned to place some reasonable expectations on yourself for the New Year. When the year changes into 2022, you will not wake up as a completely different person. Change and growth (hopefully) are things that slowly progress as you work on them. If you want to be a different person then work on identifying what that looks like and how you can achieve that goal over time. The same goes for anything that you expect to be different in the new year, such as changing jobs, buying a car or house, or even spending more time doing activities and hobbies that you are interested in. 

I don’t like to make resolutions because they remind me of wish lists that are only made out of obligation. You know when you make a wish list for all the things you want and you forget about them over time? It was exciting to make the list and to imagine getting all the things you want, but then you don’t always get those wishlist items and after some time you forget that you even wanted them. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing bad about making a wish list. It’s great to hope for things! However, when you want to change or make changes to things in your life it shouldn’t be like a wish list. That’s what a New Year’s Resolution feels like to me. You make a lot of promises to yourself for the new year but then forget about them after a few months. 

When the new year comes, hopefully the changes you are aiming for aren’t being made out of obligation and aren’t exciting just because it’s a new year. When you make your goals and decisions for change be resolute, but give yourself grace if you forget or you don’t accomplish all in a set timeframe. Also, remember that you can decide to make changes at any time. You don’t have to wait for a new year or some other special occasion to make a resolution. 

As we head into the new year, I hope that good changes reach all of us, but if some things stay the same then I hope we all find peace. 

Thank you to everyone who has read one of my blog posts over the last year, subscribed to my blog in 2021, or watched any one of my Youtube videos. I appreciate the support!

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