Holiday Activities for the Family

During the holidays, it is nice to engage in some fun activities and competitions. My family has a tradition of doing three different activities that are fun and challenging during Christmas and New Year’s Eve. We started these traditions a few years ago, and we will continue to do them for as long as we can. I’m sure you know these traditions well. In case you need a reminder, here are some holiday activities for the family. 

Baking Cookies/ Gingerbread Houses

Listen, I know that kids love to bake cookies for Santa, but this is a great holiday activity for Christmas and New Year’s Eve, even if you don’t believe in Santa. In my house, we would bake cookies on Christmas Eve for Santa when we were younger. Now that we are older, we just love to bake cookies at any point between Christmas Eve and NYE. In the past we have also tried building and decorating Gingerbread Houses. It gets messy, but it’s so much fun! Would it even be Christmas without warm cookies and the scent of a fresh baked treat in the air?

Ugly Sweater Contest

You do not have to wait for the office party to have an Ugly Sweater Contest! Just grab your family, some old t-shirts and/or sweaters, and craft supplies for this activity. You can have an Ugly Sweater Contest right in your own home. This activity is so much fun and will give the whole family a laugh! 

Hot Cocoa Contest 

This activity is my favorite. I really enjoy sweets and hot cocoa, so a cocoa contest is perfect. If your family likes hot cocoa then gather around your kitchen table with tons of different candies and see who can decorate their cocoa the best! Each time you have a cocoa contest you can put a spin on it with a theme. Challenge yourselves to make the best shapes, like a heart. Your themes could be anything including animals, colors, your initials, and more.

If you have any Holiday activities that you love, share them in the comments below!


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