Mini Makeover, Part Three: The After

Ta-dah! The makeover is complete. We have freshly painted walls, new floors, and some odds and ends were fixed. I could not be happier to have an update. This makeover has brought a fresh perspective to my living situation. It was definitely time to make things a bit more modern looking in this house. 

As you will see in the pictures, the walls were painted Wickham Gray from Benjamin Moore. This is a cool gray. When the light hits it a certain way, it can look blue and it has green undertones. I like this wall color because it is a light and neutral color that is not white! This color also flows well with the floors. We got weathered oak vinyl flooring put in.

Now, I would have preferred some actual wood, or something else different, but I did not actually have a say in the materials for this makeover. We all know that vinyl is cheap and easy to use. However, I am still appreciative that this makeover happened, no matter what! While the type of flooring is not the best, in my opinion, the color and style are beautiful. I love a good wood-like design, and this weathered oak is perfectly rustic yet neutral. The floors are gray in color with brown undertones, which really compliment the walls and my furniture.

This makeover gives me so much hope. One day, I hope to go through a full renovation, preferably in my own home. I hope to craft a dream to come to life. It is exciting to see such small changes that make a big difference. For example, I mentioned to the repairmen that I didn’t like the ceiling light and they went out and bought a new covering for it. The new cover is silver, modern, and fits in with the new look of the room. In addition, they purchased a new door handle for me – one that is now polished and sleek. Finally, instead of cleaning and repainting old and chipped vent covers and sockets they purchased new ones to keep this update fresh.

I really like the new look of our house. The makeover was a success, and it makes it easier to walk into the house with a smile on my face. I will put more pictures below, but to see the video of this makeover series check out my youtube video, here.


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