Mini Makeover, Part Two: In Progress

The house makeover started with my mother’s room, then moved to my brother’s room, and finally my room was made over. To begin work on my room, first I had to pack away all of the small and loose items. Most of my clothes were left in the dresser, and I took out each drawer to move things around. After packing things up, I moved everything from my room into the living room. 

Moving the furniture was pretty easy, as I only needed to move the bed, a dresser, a desk, etc. A lot of the furniture was actually very light, except for the dresser. My brother was kind enough to help me move the dresser, and one of the beds. What wore me down was the endless boxes of stuff because the boxes didn’t have handles and were hard to grip and maneuver around everything else. However, it only took me a few hours to get everything cleared from my room and into the living room.

The first thing our repairmen did in my room was pull up the old carpet. I was extremely happy to see it go. After pulling up the carpet, they patched up any holes in the walls and filled in some cracks in the seams. I noticed that they also pulled out the lights, sockets, and vents, and they opened the windows. So much preparation for a paint job! 

I did have a specific request for the work being done in my room. There was a sliding door track in the space between the room and the closet that I asked to have removed. I did not want the doors replaced, and the tracks were a nuisance. When they put the new flooring in it made a seamless transition from room to closet. I did ask about the white paint on the floors because I was confused as to the purpose of painting the floor boards. I still don’t understand, but the repairmen mentioned primer and preventing smells of some sort…or at least it sounded like they said “smells”. I could have heard wrong.

Once all of the prep work was done, the repairmen painted the ceiling first. They did use primer and it smelled very strong! It was crazy to have that smell lingering in the house all day and night for a few weeks and totally headache inducing. Next, they moved onto the doors, closet, windows, and baseboards. When it was time to paint the walls and lay down the flooring, things got noisy, measurements and calculations had to be made, and we all needed to be patient because paint can take a while to dry. 

The house was extremely messy while this makeover was happening. There was dust and dirt everywhere, stuff in places they shouldn’t be, and no space to really move around. I can understand why most people try to rush home makeovers, but at the same time I really appreciated this opportunity. I got to see a lot of things that I hadn’t seen before, and I even learned a lot about our repairmen, whom I’ve known for many years now. In addition, the repairmen were working on other things inside and outside of our house. Of course, they couldn’t fully work on the living room and kitchen until my stuff was back in my room, but those two rooms were also updated. It was a strange, interesting, and somewhat fun time. I can’t wait to tell you all about the final look for the floors and walls.

If you’ve ever had to update your home, share some tips and your experience in the comments. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog for updates on this makeover.


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