Mini Makeover, Part One: The Before

My house is finally getting a makeover, and I am ecstatic. We have lived in this house for so long, and any major changes always needed approval. Finally, it was past time to change the wall colors and switch up the flooring. I’ll be writing about the before and after of this mini makeover starting with my room. 

We have had brown carpeting on the floors from the moment we moved into this house. That is 20 years of old, outdated, antiquated (note the redundancy because I cannot stress it enough) and messy carpeting. There comes a time when the carpet has to go, and it was long past its time. In addition, the walls were covered in this off white paint with a yellow tint. It was absolutely horrible, and the walls constantly looked like they were stained from the yellow tint. 

In my room, specifically, there were minor pinholes on the walls from years of sticking up different photographs, and I even had a few small patches where the tape had stripped the paint. In addition, there was this track on the closet floor from the old mirror doors that used to cover the closet. Finally, the space is very small and with the carpet and odd wall color the room just always seemed even smaller. Check out the before pictures below. 

As a child I never really questioned why we couldn’t change things up. When something was broken or needed an update I didn’t really think too much about it because I knew that we needed approval since we rent. I honestly expected to never see an update on this house, and instead I held onto the hope that I would be able to change my future home when the time came. I still have that hope, but I am so grateful that this house is getting a much deserved refresh while I am still here. 

I started by taking everything off the walls in my room. Then I packed up small items in boxes, including books and dvds. Then I moved everything out of the room and into the living room. We don’t have any storage spaces in this home. It’s a 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom house with a living room and kitchen. We don’t even have linen or cleaning closets. Each bedroom has its own small clothes closet, and that is pretty much where we store our personal items. When I moved all the stuff from my room the living room became my space for a few days. It was a challenge, but I managed with a little help, and the experience was very interesting. I can’t wait to share the updates with you all!

If you’ve ever had to update your home, share some tips and your experience in the comments. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog for updates on this makeover.


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