How-To Plan An Intimate Event, Part Four: The Main Event

The day of the event has finally arrived! Although you might be buzzing with excitement, there are still some things that need to be considered and tasks to be completed. There are three parts to the main event. 

Tip #1: How-To Plan An Intimate Event, Parts 1 – 3

It’s time to pull together all the pieces, as you have slowly been doing, to host a successful event. I’ve shared tips on organization, vendors, and décor. First, organization is key to planning an event, and keeping track of tasks and event needs through spreadsheets can be beneficial. Second, there are a ton of different things to consider when working with vendors, but the most important is to do your research and choose vendors that are right for your event. Third, decorating for an event can really transform a space and make the event special, as long as you keep to the theme and color palette. Finally, with these things in mind, you’ve made all of your big decisions and you can focus on making sure they are all in place on the big day. This includes pulling together those last minute things that are often forgotten, like getting extra tape or picking up the ice! 

Tip #2: Event Plan/ Schedule 

On the big day, it is useful to have a plan and event schedule on hand. In your event plan, you will need to make sure that logistical tasks are completed, as these tasks are how the event will unfold. Who will be setting up for the event and breaking it down at the end of the night? Whether you set up on the day in question or a few days before, make sure to have a team who will handle those things. Are they aware of how the space should look? Make sure your team knows how to decorate the space. How long will they need to get everything into place? What about the vendors? When are they arriving and how long are they scheduled to work the event? These questions about your event plan can affect your event schedule. 

The event schedule is basically the order of things that are supposed to happen during the event. You should have a schedule written down that you can follow, and you can choose to stick to the schedule closely or use it as a loose frame of reference. Things to list on your event schedule include when the following will take place: 

  • Guest arrivals
  • Appetizers  
  • Guest of Honor entrance 
  • Meals 
  • Games 
  • Speeches 
  • Gift opening (baby showers, birthday parties, etc.) 
  • Dessert 
  • Special photo opportunities (weddings, galas) 
  • And more

These things do not need to happen in the order listed, but it is wise to have a schedule of when they should happen. An event schedule is important because some things need to happen within a certain timeframe, and everything needs to happen within the specified hours of the event. Also, I just like to be extremely organized and to know when things will happen. 

Tip #3: Have Fun! 

No matter how successful your event planning is, the event itself will not be a success if it isn’t enjoyable. Do not forget to make sure that everyone is having fun on the big day, including yourself. Take time to look at what you have created, appreciate your hard work, and then have a good time. Mingle, laugh, dance, eat, photograph, and live in the moment. 

I love to plan events, and I think the planning for my sister’s baby shower was super successful. However, the event itself was a major success because people had fun. Most importantly, my sister and her family really enjoyed themselves. 

If you ever need help planning an event, reach out to me and I can be your sounding board. I would be delighted to help.

*Disclaimer: All event photos were taken by vendors and downloaded from*

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