What It’s Like to Be A Big Sister

Ky’Lah is preparing to become a big sister, on her mother’s side. She already has two paternal siblings, and she is the oldest on her father’s side. Ky’Lah likes to play with her dog in her spare time. She is currently attending a day camp for the summer, and she wants to travel when she is older.

Read the brief transcript of an interview I did with her. She gets candid about preparing to be a big sister.

Damiera: Who are you?

Ky’Lah: My name is Ky’Lah. 

Damiera: How old are you?

Ky’Lah: 9 years old. 

Damiera: Why are we here today? What will we be talking about?

Ky’Lah: My mother is having a baby. 

Damiera: How many siblings do you have?

Ky’Lah: Two, but I’m going to have another one which makes it three. 

Damiera: When you found out your mother is having a baby, what was your reaction?

Ky’Lah: Sad. 

Damiera: Why were you sad?

Ky’Lah: I’ve been an only child for a while. I guess I wasn’t ready to not be an only child. 

Damiera: Are you still sad now? Or, do you feel different?

Ky’Lah: Feel different…More happy. 

Damiera: What are you most looking forward to with having another sibling? 

Ky’Lah: Making him do things that I don’t want to do…Things my mother asks me to do I will ask him to do. 

Damiera: Can you think of some other things? Are you going to help your mom out with the baby? How so? What can you do to help?

Ky’Lah: Help at night time, I guess. 

Damiera: What do you mean?

Ky’Lah: Like, when she is too tired to do something or when the baby is crying I could help out. 

Damiera: Very sweet! When the baby is older, like your age and you are a teenager, are you going to make plans to take the baby under your wing and teach him things? 

Ky’Lah: Yes. How to take care of the dog. How to treat him the right way. How to make cereal, popcorn, and waffles. 

Damiera: What do you like most about being a big sister?

Ky’Lah: Being able to carry him and bring him down the stairs (in the future).

Damiera: Is that what you do with your other siblings? 

Ky’Lah: Yes. 

Damiera: Do you think the bond with your mom will change or stay strong? Elaborate. 

Ky’Lah: It will stay strong because she told me she would not change anything, and [the baby’s dad will also be there] to take care of the baby. 

Damiera: Thank you so much Ky.

Ky’Lah: Aww, thank you.

If you have a child who is preparing to become an older sibling, share their reactions to the news in the comments!


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