What School Means to Me: Thoughts from A Nursing Student

The majority of my life has been about school, and, for some reason, I have created a special bond with it. That is why, after high school, I was content with completing eight more years of schooling. I am a current Nursing Major and rising Junior at Seton Hall University in New Jersey. Being at Seton Hall has pushed me beyond my greatest efforts, especially during my sophomore year. As a sophomore, I spent the year studying and working during the Covid-19 pandemic, and with all of the changes, I didn’t know if being a nursing student was a good thing or a bad thing. The one thing I do know was that the nursing program did not change the way in which it challenged me. 

“You must always be on top of your game.”

Nyasia Griffin

Seton Hall certainly makes courses more rigorous for certain majors to weed out those who are not committed to their programs. As a result, there was a more hands-on approach to nursing in my program, which began during sophomore year. Although the educational aspects have been challenging, I have never loved my career path more! The hardships I have faced this year have really helped me to solidify my goal of becoming a future trauma surgeon and working in a hospital setting. If anything, this last year alone and the additional challenges have prepared me for what to expect in the medical field. You never know what will happen, and you must always be on top of your game!

Meet the Nursing Student!

Hi, my name is Nyasia Griffin, and I am a 20-year-old college student at Seton Hall University. I have lived in New Jersey all of my life, and it just seemed right to continue my education at Seton Hall. In addition, their amazing Nursing program was a bonus! Overall, the goal is to finish my undergrad in nursing and then attend medical school out-of-state. I just know that my life moving forward is not meant to be spent in one place.


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