4 Cute Summer Dress Styles

Last year I had a lot of dresses that I wanted to wear in the Summer, but I had nowhere to wear them. Most places were either closed or operating at limited capacity, and I was not comfortable going out a lot in the midst of a pandemic. This year, I am so excited to wear many of the dresses I have. As for the dresses I did wear last Summer, I did take pictures in them and I want to share. Here are four cute Summer dress styles below.

#1. Jean Jumper

This isn’t your average kid’s jumper. No, the jean jumper is such a timeless dress style for the Summer. Not only do jean jumpers have such a cool look, but they also feel cool to the touch. In the Summer, a jean dress just might be what you need to beat the heat and up your dress game. This style of dress can be cute, casual, edgy, and always fashionable.

#2. Shirt Dress

Shirt Dresses are often dresses that look like button-up blouses on the top and are banded to a matching skirt-like bottom, either with a rouched waist or ties. These dresses usually are made of light-weight materials which really help with the heat. They do not weigh you down! In addition, a shirt dress is perfect for the office. Not only will you look cute in this style of dress, but you’ll also look professional. 

#3. Sundress

There are plenty of options for dress styles with a Sundress. You can get a sundress in a mini, midi, or maxi style. This type of dress was made for the Summer! Often made of cotton material, sundresses are cool to the touch, very popular, and a go-to option for most women. You would be hard-pressed to find a woman who wears dresses without a sundress. 

#4. LBD

The Little Black Dress should be a staple in every woman’s closet. This style dress is one you can pull out at a moment’s notice. The LBD is usually a short, black dress that makes a woman feel like a million bucks! When you put on a little black dress you often end up radiating confidence and sexiness. If you know, you know!

If you have any recommendations for Summer dress styles, please share in the comments! I hope these 4 dress styles give you some ideas for this Summer. As you can see, there are so many options. No matter what style you wear, the most important thing is to pick out a dress that makes you comfortable and keeps you true to yourself.

One thought on “4 Cute Summer Dress Styles

  1. It’s a split decision: shirt dresses or jean jumpers! My shirt dresses are the more informal type – more like long tee shirts. But they’re cool and comfortable for hot weather. And my jean jumpers are fun to wear all year…without tops underneath for summer, and with long sleeve turtlenecks the rest of the year. Whatever you wear, have fun doing so!


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