5 Family Fun Activities to do in Asbury Park This Summer

If you’ve been following me on Instagram then you know I have been talking about Summer 2021, a lot! I absolutely love the Summer season because of the warmth and brightness that it brings to my daily life. I also can’t wait to just get out of the house and do more activities after this last year. Here are 5 activities I am looking forward to doing with my niece and my brother, except for #5…that’s for friends and a cousin or two. 

#1. Asbury Park Beach and Boardwalk

This popular tourist attraction is home to miles of restaurants and shops. You can spend the morning laying out in the sun, take an afternoon dip in the ocean, and then hit up one of the many restaurants for dinner. Don’t forget to stop at Coney Waffle Ice Cream and Sweet Shop for dessert! There is also an arcade and mini golfing, in addition to the kids jungle gym on the beach.

#2. Asbury Park Pedal Boats

Enjoy a relaxing pedal boat ride around Wesley Lake. You can rent a swan boat and spend time with your children taking in the scenic views. Afterwards, you can take a brief walk over to the Asbury Park Boardwalk or sit in the park and have a picnic! Younger children will definitely like this. 

#3. Downtown Asbury Park

Downtown Asbury Park, especially Cookman Avenue is a great way to pass time in the Summer. Downtown AP is filled with a ton of shops, restaurants, art galleries, and more! You can find Confections of a Rockstar, Cookman Creamery, and Purple Glaze Donuts in Asbury Park. Grab your kids and tour Downtown AP for a fun, and delicious afternoon. 

#4. Hot Sand

This glass blowing studio is located right in Downtown AP, and it’s one the kids will definitely enjoy. Visit Hot Sand to learn about glass blowing, and to make your own art pieces. They do pieces such as hand casting, design your own wave, and sun tiling. I know I cannot wait to see the glass blowing techniques in action!

#5. The Stone Pony

This iconic locale hosts The Stone Pony Summer Stage series filled with a variety of shows for adults. The Stone Pony is a world-renowned music venue, where artists such as Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi, and The Jonas Brothers have performed. Jason Mraz is scheduled to perform on August 14, 2021 on the Summer Stage.

I am so excited about the activities in Asbury Park, and these are just a few. I know my niece and my brother are definitely looking forward to this Summer. What about you? If you’ve ever been to AP or you plan to do this Summer, let me know if you do any of these activities. I can tell it’s going to be a great Summer!


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