Protect Your Work-life Peace

Call me crazy, or misunderstood, but I don’t believe that you should stay at a job when you are miserable – no matter what. There isn’t enough money that you are getting, enough time in your days, or enough peace in your life for you to constantly go to work everyday and be miserable. It’s no secret that most people work to live, in that they literally work so much and work where they don’t want to because they cannot afford to be alive! Being alive is expensive, in more ways than one. Is it worth it to wake up everyday and do something that doesn’t bring you any joy? You have to protect your work-life peace. 

When you go to work, you know you have a job to do, and hopefully you enjoy some parts of that job. What happens when you start to dislike your job? What do you do when you suddenly find yourself feeling miserable and you don’t want to go to work everyday? Not every bad day is a reason to leave your job, but when all you have are bad days then you should at least consider doing so. Sometimes, just thinking about it or even starting to look for other places of employment can turn things around. Even with that, you should still work to protect your peace at work. How can you do so?

Tip 1: Back to the Basics

Always remember what it was that you first liked about your job. What made you excited when you first graduated from school and started at your place of employment? Try to recall those first few months when you were learning new skills and accepting more responsibility at work. Weren’t you fresh-faced, eager, and willing to be the best at what you do, or was that just me? Seriously, when you remember why you liked your job you will probably bring back some of that excitement in your daily work routine. You just might find some peace in appreciating your job. 

Tip 2: Drama-Free

Stay away from the drama and stay professional. I cannot stress how important it is to keep your work-life drama free. There are some people whose only goal is to always insert themselves into drama, find issues with you, and create problems even at work. You need to stay away from those people and do your best to not become one. When things are crazy at work between colleagues, you need to keep your head down and focus on your job. This has always worked for me. I’ve rarely had issues with people at any of my jobs because I do not get involved in drama – 100% the truth. Even when someone seems to have an issue with me, I maintain a professional attitude no matter what. I have always been like that, and it really does work when I’m trying to protect my work-life peace. I never go to work worrying about an issue with a specific person or whether people like/dislike me. Some people don’t realize how much work drama affects their professional lives and their personal lives. Stay away from it, and I promise you it makes a difference.

Tip 3: Leave

There are some situations where you have no choice but to protect your work-life peace by leaving your place of employment. Sometimes things just aren’t right. You and your job just do not fit, and you need to move on. There is nothing wrong with that. Other times, your work situation is a bad situation. For example, I worked at a firm where the boss was borderline verbally abusive to some of the employees and he set that type of example for other employees to be the same. A colleague was so stressed, afraid, and miserable that she would often leave work in tears or show up and sit outside crying before the work day started. It was awful to watch, and even though a few of us tried to offer support, the situation was bad. No one should be abused, constantly berated, afraid, or doubting themselves over a job. Just because you need money to survive doesn’t mean you deserve to put up with things like that. Leave, get out before your work-life peace is irrevocably altered. 

You shouldn’t stay at a job that makes you miserable. Most people spend 8 – 12 hours a day at their jobs. They spend more time working than doing anything else, every day, and that alone is taxing. How can we expect people to spend all that time being miserable and think it’s okay? I know that it’s not easy to just leave a job. You have a lot to consider, like bills, children to provide for, or how it will look to future employers, but those things can’t always hold you back or keep you in a bad space. Just think about it.

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