Tips to Work Around Your Indecisiveness. Yes, No, Maybe?

I can be the queen of maybe

“Do you want pizza or Chinese food for dinner?” “Maybe Chinese food…No, maybe pizza?”

“Do you like this shirt or the sweater?” “Maybe the shirt. No, maybe the sweater is better.”

“Do you know what you want to do after graduation?” “Um…maybe go to grad school or maybe get a job right away?”

I have a hard time with solid yes and no’s when I have options, and boy are there plenty of options in life. We have the World at our fingertips and a ton of options to explore. I will change my mind a thousand times and waiver back-and-forth between choices. If you give me more than two options, I never know which one I really want to pick!

It can be tough to have choices, options, decisions to make. I know that this is something many people grapple with and will sound very familiar. Sometimes, it’s so hard to make a decision. From deciding what to eat for dinner, to which college to attend, to making career moves you can get overwhelmed and give into your indecisiveness. This happens to me sometimes. I am so bad at deciding things sometimes because I feel like I have too many options, and I don’t want to make the wrong choice. Do you ever just get overwhelmed, even in a good way? When you give into your indecisiveness, you might end up making a last minute decision without any real thought. How can you work around this?

Tip 1: Make  A Plan

When you know you have some decisions to make, it can be helpful to make a plan. Evaluate the different choices you can make by creating a pros and cons list or a game plan. Think about the possible effects and consequences. Sometimes, all you need to do is think it through. You can also make more than one plan – a contingency plan. If you choose option A, that doesn’t mean you can’t still go with option B, if possible. If you feel prepared your decisions can become a little bit easier. 

Tip 2: Seek Input from Others

It can be very beneficial to seek input from others. Using other people as a sounding board can truly help when you have tough decisions to make. Sometimes, your own judgment, experience, and biases hinder you without you being conscious of them. When you run things by other people they provide different perspectives and ideas. Input from others can give you something else to consider which can help with your indecisiveness. The trick with this tip is to not be presented with more options, though. Instead, lay out the options you already have and get input on those options only. Maybe you were unknowingly leaning toward one direction, and with help from other people you might become more decisive on what you really want.

Tip 3: Roll the Dice and Gamble

Sometimes, no matter what you do, you just won’t be able to make a decision about some things. Not everything can be decided, planned, or controlled. You might just have to let whatever happens, happen and learn to be okay with that. When you can’t make a decision, or you make the wrong one, don’t beat yourself up over it. Use it as a learning experience!

3 thoughts on “Tips to Work Around Your Indecisiveness. Yes, No, Maybe?

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