Spring Work Wardrobe on a Budget

I usually buy my work clothes from ThredUp, an online thrift store, or Marshalls. Occasionally, I’ll order a curated shopping kit from Stitch Fix, and they’ll have some work appropriate items for me. With the use of ThredUp, I can get blazers, dress pants, and various blouses for cheap, which I really like. As Spring approaches, I want to increase my options for work wear, but like many people, I can’t always afford to buy new clothes. Clothing is very expensive, and when I’m on a budget I need to maximize my options while lowering my costs. With a few changes, I can turn one outfit into two or three, and so can you. Simply removing a top layer (blazer, jackets, sweater, etc.) or even changing out the style of the layer gives me many options for dressing up. Check out the video below!

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True Blue Blazers

In the first picture I have on blue dress pants, a white blouse with cutouts at the neckline, and an Appleseeds blue blazer ($12). When it’s cold in the office, the blazer really comes in handy. Now that it’s warmer, I want to keep a blazer over my white shirt because I’m likely to mess up my white clothing if left completely uncovered. I switched this outfit up by changing the top layer to a Kari New York blue blazer with gold details ($8). Changing out a layer is so useful! One those days when it’s colder in the office or a little too breezy outside, I can use the blazer with long sleeves. When it’s hot, I can use the blazer with short sleeves. I kept the same blouse and dress pants, even the same shoes, but I now have two different outfits. In fact, should I choose to lose the blazers and just wear the blouse and pants then I have a third option.  Slide the bar to compare the two outfits!

Neutral Yet Bold Jackets

In the first picture, I decided to pair this outfit with a green East5th casual dress ($12). The dress was one that I really liked, but it was too small and tight in some areas. I bought it from ThredUp anyway because I knew that I could still use it, and I didn’t want to miss out on it. I simply decided to utilize it as a jacket. It was very bold and sassy yet classy. I wanted to switch this outfit up by keeping the same colors but transitioning from dark to light. In the second picture I’m wearing a green, belted Worthington jacket ($11) with a brown tank top and beige Talbots dress pants ($11). The outfit overall is fairly neutral, but the jacket was really giving me bold and adventurous vibes. With this change, I kept the under layers the same but I now have more options for how to wear them. I also like that I kept with the green and browns, and I feel like I have a day and night look, even though these are work clothes. Slide the bar to compare the two outfits!

Instead of buying all new blouses and slacks for work, I like to purchase inexpensive top layers that I can switch out to create more outfits. I get more use, more options, and I save more money. How do you switch up your wardrobe? Where are your favorite places to shop, either in-store or online? If anyone has any tips, let me know in the comments below. Also, tell me which outfit you liked the best. Am I getting the hang of this “thing” called fashion?

One thought on “Spring Work Wardrobe on a Budget

  1. I’m a plus-sized girl, thus I shop on line at onestopplus.com. But only when items are on huge sales! You are doing fine with fashion! As for which outfit shown is my favorite: love the last one, in green, with the tan heels. You rock, girl!



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