Love Your Selfie

Growing up I was often referred to as smart. I loved being known as the intelligent child, and I still take pride in it. However, I was never the beautiful one or the pretty girl. I was simply smart and that was it. As much as I love being thought of as smart, I would have liked to have had my self esteem built up in other ways that related to my appearance. The people around me were and still are referred to as beautiful. They are often defined by their pretty eyes and lashes, their great hair, beautiful faces, and charming smiles. I’m not looking to be sexualized or complimented solely for my beauty, but I do want to know that when people see me they aren’t thinking, she’s “the least interesting to look at” (compliments of Kim K). If anyone has ever felt that way then I’m truly sorry. You need to know that you are not only beautiful, but that you are also an incredibly unique individual that God has put on this Earth for a reason.

I started taking a lot of selfies after I graduated from college. I would take pictures whenever I dressed up, when I went out, and when I was in a “mood”. Immediately the words imparted on me were “you are vain” and “you take too many pictures”. Well, maybe I am vain, but what does it really matter? Who doesn’t like to look at themselves or take pride in how they look? Sometimes I just felt like I was good looking and wanted a picture, but sometimes I just needed reminders. When I look in the mirror, I don’t always automatically think that I look good. I see all my physical flaws. It isn’t the same as knowing I’m smart. I pick things up fast, I pay attention to detail, I sometimes just know things, I focus on logic and rationale, and I’ve always been knowledgeable in an obvious way. I never needed a reminder that my brain is sexy. What I did and do need to be reminded of is that I do have beauty, and so do you.

When I take a selfie, I can always go back and look at it. I take a picture when I feel and look amazing, and I keep the picture because I like it. In my selfies I see the things I love most about my appearance. Sometimes I need to be reminded that my eyes are very expressive, and I have a photo that shows exactly that. Sometimes I need to be reminded that I love my full lips and high cheekbones, and I have a photo (or 50) that show exactly that. Sometimes I need to be reminded that my hair can be styled in awesome ways and my skin is beautifully colored and smooth, and I have photos that show that. Most important, sometimes I just need a reminder that I do feel good at times, and my selfies capture those moments.

It’s very easy to psych yourself out with negative self-talk. Telling yourself something positive can be a real challenge, and it’s harder to just believe it. With a photo you have proof. You have evidence that those negatives can be refuted, and you have evidence that at some point in time you captured what you knew to be true about your appearance. Think about it, not every picture you take will be perfect and will show your absolute best, but who really holds onto a photo if they think it doesn’t show their best appearance… unless it’s one of artistic expression?

I take a lot of selfies. I like my selfies because I need a reminder that I like myself – my appearance. I encourage anyone and everyone to take as many pictures of yourself as you want when you look and feel good. There is nothing wrong with needing a reminder that you are beautiful.

*Tip: Something you more than likely already know, but might often forget – When taking selfies, really utilize the timer mode or “cheese” shutter features on your devices. This gives you a moment to perfect your pose, capture your full body (if you desire), and do it yourself!*


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