3 of My Goals for 2021

I am celebrating myself this week by pushing myself past my comfort zone. I am challenging myself to do something I wouldn’t normally do, which is to step into someone else’s shoes and do what they might do. Whose shoes? I do not know. Well, what did I do?

For the past three months I have been consistently updating my blog with things I think are important to me. The reason I started a blog was because I always feel a certain way about things, and I end up thinking that I am alone in those feelings. I don’t like to drink, and I never have. I don’t like doing what everyone else is always doing unless it makes me happy. I don’t like smoking, recreational drug use, or losing control of my mind and body because of being under the influence of certain substances. Those are just the values and beliefs that I have stuck to my whole life.

I do like being myself and sticking to what I believe is right for me. I do like being silly and dancing when no one is watching. I like singing at the top of my lungs even though I sound like a dying cat. I love watching television, watching youtube and reading books and blogs. I love doing my own thing, sometimes (but it would be nice to be invited to do stuff with other people). I love taking long walks and drinking coffee. I absolutely love taking pictures of myself. I love dressing up even if I’m just going to sit at home. I love eating, and I love learning. 

 With this blog, I hope to learn something new about myself, to discover other people who feel the same and share similar interests, and to help someone else not feel so alone. Maybe I am doing that, and I truly do hope so. When I started the blog I didn’t even know if I would keep at it this long. Three months is short, but it can feel like a lifetime when I am constantly thinking of topics to write about and taking pictures to share. It’s very easy to get discouraged when it seems like no one is paying attention or cares. However, I’m proud of myself for being this consistent thus far, and I hope to continue doing so.

To celebrate myself by doing something I wouldn’t usually do I made a video sharing just 3 of my goals for 2021. I decided to share the goals that may seem the easiest, but do present their own challenges. Instead of just listing my goals, I decided to do something that everyone else is doing and see how that feels for a change. Watch the video below, and I hope you enjoy!


Comment below on ways in which you step outside your comfort zone to challenge yourself, celebrate yourself, or just try something new.

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