Small Space Décor Favorites at A Discount

I really love switching up my space every now and then. Sometimes I do it when the seasons change, and sometimes I do it when I need a change. It can be tiresome to look at the exact same things everyday, and I firmly believe that your space, big or small, should truly be your own. I live in a small space, so it’s a challenge for me to decorate with big items and to constantly change out those items without taking up space I don’t necessarily have to spare. To combat this issue, I love picking out small décor pieces that I can stick on a side table or hang on a wall corner. Even though I change out my pieces occasionally, I do have some favorites. Check them out below.

The “love” sign that you see above is a heavy bronzed piece that I bought at HomeGoods a few years ago for under $10. I absolutely love this love. The piece fits in wherever I place it, and it’s a positive reminder. It also gives me farmhouse vibes, so if I ever live in a farmhouse I would definitely display it there. Actually, the picture that’s framed in the photo is one of the pictures from my vision board, and it reminds me of a modern industrial farmhouse. I love the exterior style of the house, and so I put it right behind my “love” sign.

Another one of my favorite décor pieces is the glass Bunsen Bud Vase. I ordered this vase from Magnolia Market for $7. I love décor shopping on a budget. This vase has a black metal finish, but is fairly light. It’s also small enough for my small spaces, but it makes a statement. Maybe it’s the nerd in me that was attracted to the vase, but I think a Bunsen burner look-a-like vase is so cool! On the same note, I actually ordered the white gardenia stem in the vase from Magnolia Market, as well.

Finally, three more of my favorite décor items include the Proverbs wall box, the glass vase and circle shape tray. The Proverbs box is one I also purchased a few years ago from Walmart. I can’t recall the exact price, but I paid under $10 for it. This piece is one of my favorites because who doesn’t like a good Bible verse reminder? 

As for the glass vase and the circle shape tray, well I got those items from Target. The circle shape tray was on the clearance rack for $1, and the glass vase is part of a Hearth and Hand with Magnolia collection. I purchased the vase for $6, and I really liked the stem that was attached. Upon closer inspection, the vase is designed to look like there is water inside, which I thought was very cool. 

The best thing I can say about decorating is to make sure it’s representative of you! I shop on a dime fit for small spaces, and the items above are the perfect fit. 

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