How-To Make A Gift Basket

I’ve always wanted to make gift baskets for people, but I’m not usually great at picking out multiple items that complement each other when it comes to gifts. Over the Summer, my aunt moved into a new place, and I decided it was time to make a gift basket. I wanted to give her something useful and something fun, and I thought a gift basket would be just that. To make a gift basket requires time, effort, patience, and real thought. Whether the gift basket you make is generic or personalized, it is a special way to give something to others. With the holidays coming up, I thought this would be nice to share. Read about the steps I took to make this basket. 

Step 1: The Basket

A gift basket requires a basket or some kind of storage item. Even if you don’t have a specific theme in mind for the basket, you do want to pick out a nice one. The basket I chose for this was actually my third and best choice. I needed something big enough for the items I considered putting inside it, and I wanted the basket to be multi-purposed. Initially, I ordered a round basket from Amazon, but it was too small and too fruit basket-like. I ordered a second basket that never actually showed up, and I had to get a refund… Finally, I saw this basket at the supermarket, and I knew it was perfect. It was the right size, composed of multiple pieces (4), and could be used in multiple ways in the home.

Steps 2 & 3: Identify and Arrange the Contents

Since my aunt was moving, I chose to get her gifts that one might use in the house. I started with a kitchen set – oven mitt, pot holder, and 2 kitchen towels. Nice and practical. Then I kept the kitchen theme alive by adding some snacks I hoped she might like. Peep the Vegan Smart Sweets! Finally, I added in an Amazon gift card in case she wanted to get herself something nice. Once I had all the gifts, I arranged them in the basket. In order to place the contents in a way that looks best, you might have to shift their placement multiple times. Move things around and look at it from all angles until you get the desired outcome.

Step 4: Bag It and Bow It

The final step is to wrap your present. With gift baskets, you don’t simply put them into the usual gift bags. Instead, you fit the basket into a cellophane bag which you can find easily on Amazon or at the local dollar store. Once you have bagged the gift, you can add a bow to tie the bag off, and it serves as visual enhancement!

I really enjoyed making this basket, and hopefully I’ve encouraged you to give it a try. If anyone makes any holiday baskets, please share photos or your secrets and tips for doing so in the comments below! How did I do for my first gift basket?

*Tip: Use pull-bows if you cannot tie a proper bow*


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