Tips for College Success: Post-Secondary Party Scene

Based on the title and cover photo, you might think I’m about to write all about how I partied it up at college. You’d be wrong! I’m not really a party person, so I spent the majority of my time in school attending campus events and shows. I did go to a few parties, less than a handful, but I don’t regret not being more active on the party scene. Not everyone would agree with me, especially when you’re a Freshman in college. 

I actually do think that attending a party or two and enjoying as many social events as you can lead to college success. When you socialize in these situations you give yourself a chance to relax and wind down from the pressure of academic excellence. Sometimes, all you need is a night off to go wild, stay out all night doing absolutely nothing, or stay up until the early morning hours just being silly. Going to parties or campus events can help you do these things. Once done, it’s easier to go back to focusing on your academics. Similar to study breaks, social breaks allow you to recharge and reset. 

When I was in college, I liked to attend school plays, dance performances, and activities on the campus mall. Again, I went to a few parties and even a few concerts (Kelly Rowland and Big Sean) and dorm events, but I usually didn’t like anything with a high “risk” for socialization. I’m comfortable not talking to people – strange, I know! Just because I wasn’t into partying, doesn’t mean I disapprove. If you like partying, socializing, and being active in campus life then I do have some tips for you below.


  1. Set a goal if you’re a reserved person. Some reserved people, like myself,  don’t socialize or go out because it’s just not their nature or they experience anxiety. However, you don’t want college to pass you by without you having done anything fun outside of yourself. Set a goal to attend some event, maybe once or twice each semester. Trust me,  there is ALWAYS something going on in college. 
  2. Alcohol doesn’t always equal fun. If you want to attend parties, but you’re worried about drinking then attend the campus-sponsored events only. If you want to attend parties, and you like to drink then remember to do so responsibly because alcohol doesn’t always equal fun. Sometimes people get drunk and simply do silly things, but a lot of times people get drunk and do really stupid or dangerous things. Personally, I’d rather wake up the next morning without feeling icky and be able to remember everything while knowing that I had a good time and didn’t do anything stupid or embarrassing. I’ve never had a single drop of alcohol, and I’ve had fun without it. 
  3. It’s okay to attend events alone. This is, perhaps, my favorite tip. You do not always need to go somewhere with someone else. Someone is not going to be by your side 24/7 your whole life, so you need to learn to have fun and enjoy entertainment on your own. If you want to go see a show, don’t sit around waiting until your friends are available – just go see it! If you like to do certain things but you’re always waiting for someone else to do it with you then you won’t ever really do anything. There is always something happening on a college campus and even though it might seem weird to go out by yourself at first, it’s actually perfectly okay! Don’t let being alone stop you from having fun.

What are some tips you guys have? Leave a comment below with your tips for partying in college.


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