7 Secrets For My 27th Birthday…shh!

This year I decided to do something I wouldn’t normally do for my birthday. As a child, I had sleepovers and birthday parties every year. The sleepovers stopped once I reached middle school, and instead I would usually have a family dinner with those in my household. Sometimes, we went to a restaurant of my choice, and at other times we ate a homecooked meal of my favorite foods. This year I decided to have a staycation so I booked a hotel room for a spa-like weekend, bought some spa kits online, and I pampered myself. I spent a majority of my time just relaxing before my cousin took me on a mini shopping spree and then out to dinner. I even took a dip in the pool, which I have never done in November! I want to share 7 secrets or things I haven’t ever told anyone  for my 27th birthday. I figured I would get the most embarrassing and some interesting ones out the way first. Read at your own risk!

  1. Child Kleptomaniac. I was so bad, but my intentions weren’t bad. I just didn’t understand that taking what I wanted was wrong, even if it belonged to someone else! One time I stole money that I saw lying around when I was in elementary school. You know what I did with that money? I went around and gave it out to other children I had encountered. Only I would steal something and then give it to other people! Of course, I ended up taking the straight and narrow path once I got older. I just don’t have it in me to be a criminal! 
  2. I may be a Christian, but I hated church. When I was really young, elementary school-aged, I hated going to church. Even though my family grew up in the church, I despised attending services every Sunday. Sometimes I would beg not to go, and when I was forced to I would behave like a brat at church. It didn’t even have to do with sitting through service or attending Sunday school and children’s service – I just think I really hated not having a choice in the matter. Once I got older, I started to love it though! Even now I don’t believe that a person needs to attend church to know God. 
  3. I was teased by my whole class about a crush! In fifth grade, I wrote in a diary and for some reason I brought it to school during the last week of the school year. Someone got a hold of it, and everyone in class started teasing me about my crush… including the object of my affection! 
  4. I’ve never shed a single tear for someone in my family who has died. This may not seem like a secret, but it is to me. When people die, everyone who knows about it assumes that you get sad and you probably cry at some point. Well, I never get sad and I never cry at real-life death (very different from tv/movie deaths, obviously). I’ve had quite a few relatives on both sides of the family die. I haven’t cried at all for my relatives who passed away – not upon hearing the news, not at the funerals, not at memorials, and not a day since their deaths. I didn’t cry as a child, and I don’t cry as an adult – in regards to death. Yeah, it is sad that people die, but when a death happens in my family I just accept it. Even with everyone else around me crying, I just don’t cry. I think, in some way, death is just the only thing in life that I can accept, and so I do.
  5. Boy Crazy, maybe? In 8th grade, I attended the school dance with this boy I had a crush on. By attended, I mean we met each other there and danced together throughout the night. However, by the end of the night I was making out with another boy. We were all in the same friend group, and this other boy asked me to take a walk, which turned into something else. Do you sense the naivete?
  6. First Kiss, Not a Miss. The guy I made out with at the 8th grade dance was actually my first kiss. It wasn’t so bad, especially since I saw him again that Summer, and we made out some more…
  7. Senior Ditch Day. I love school, but even I need a break sometimes. I never planned to skip school, but one day at the end of senior year a few of my friends and I decided to just leave and go hang out. The craziest part though, is that I actually saw my mother driving around town that day, but she didn’t notice me. How wild!

Those are 7 of my secrets, and I hope they gave you a little more insight into who I am. Hopefully you were able to laugh at some, which I expected to happen or I wouldn’t have written about them. Care to share some of your secrets? If you want to get something off your chest, or share something that might make me laugh then comment below. 

*Thank you to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday and sent me gifts. Thanks to DR for coming to hang out. Special thank you to my cousin, Malikaa!!!!!*

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