The Wilson House of Horror

Do you have a fear of missing out? Do you want details on the Halloween you missed? I know I would! Sometimes I get serious FOMO because I’m not adept at social interaction. I usually do things by myself when or if I go out, and most of the time I prefer to stay in the house alone. However, I am human and sometimes I need human company even when I don’t prefer it. 

Last year, I promised my friend that I would step outside my shell in 2020. I never make resolutions (and I didn’t), but I did convince myself that I should do the things I usually want to do but don’t. For example, I would hang out more, engage in activities outside the house, and do some things I’ve always wanted. Before I could enact on my promise COVID-19 hit and the world encountered a pandemic. Boo! 

I didn’t let the Corona Virus stop me from living though. Something I have always wanted to do was host a party, and so I hosted my first ever party with a Halloween theme: The Wilson House of Horror! I was excited to do this, so I went shopping for decorations in-store and online, I planned a small and easy menu, and I asked my sister to co-host and invite our family. We wanted to keep it small because of COVID-19.

Since this was my first party, I wasn’t sure if anyone would actually attend. Again… I’m not good at socializing. I really didn’t even know who to invite, and I didn’t have high expectations for who would attend. I was just happy that someone showed up. Honestly, the more people at the party the less attention on me to be superhost. With a room full of people it was easier to just let everyone have a good time on their own without forcing the party to move in certain directions. Thank you to my family members and some of my sisters’ friends who came by. Special thank you to my cousin, Malikaa, who stopped by right after a long shift at work. This girl is a social butterfly, and I’m glad she made time for me! Also, thank you to all who helped me set up and asked if I needed anything for the party.

It was a great party. We laughed and joked around. We ate great food – pizza, taco dip, veggies and ranch dip, chips, cupcakes, and candy – of course! We listened to a creepy Halloween effects soundtrack from Amazon Music and we scared each other for fun. We definitely took pictures with the Halloween backdrop I bought, and we just had a good time. There is even a video of The Wilson House of Horror – check it out!

More pictures below


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